Author Kelley Armstrong
Country Canada
Language English
Series Otherworld
Genre(s) Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
Publisher Bantam Spectra (US), Random House (Canada), Time Warner Orbit (UK)
Publication date July 26, 2012
Media type Hardcover
Pages pp
ISBN 0525952837

13 is the final book in the Savannah Levine trilogy, which includes novels Waking the Witch and Spell Bound, as well as the last book before the Otherworld series goes on hiatus. It was published on July 26, 2012.


13 centers around Savannah Levine, who is experiencing a new and dark magic inside of her that gives her abilities that seem foreign and thrilling. She cannot tell if this ability is a blessing, or a curse. Meanwhile, the nefarious cult, known as the Supernatural Liberation Movement is determined to expose Supernaturals for what they are, destroying them in their path--and this plan affects all types of supernaturals, from demons, to witches, to vampires. On the eve of the battle between the Otherworld and Supernatural Liberation Movement, the major supernaturals must come together to fight for their lives and for the existence of the Otherworld.