Antonio Sorrentino
Full Name
Antonio Sorrentino
Alive [Books], Deceased [TV Show]
December 4th, 1945
only in TV Show 2012
New York, USA
Member of North American Werewolf Pack
First Appearance
Portrayed By
Paulino Nunes
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Antonio Sorrentino is the son of former alpha Dominic Sorrentino and the father of Nicholas Sorrentino. He often helps out Jeremy Danvers, his best friend, and alpha.

Elena describes Antonio with wavy dark hair, and heart-stopping brown eyes and says that Nicholas looks a lot like Antonio. While Antonio is in his fifties, he can easily pass for half that age. He is shorter and stockier than his son, with broad shoulders and bulging biceps.

Otherworld Series Edit

Antonio is the first werewolf that you hear having fallen in love with his son's mother. He actually considered leaving the Pack to be with her with Jeremy trying to help him. However, after his first Change, he realized that it was impossible to have a life with her. He goes to a playground every once in a while where it is thought that he goes to see Nick's mother.

Savage Edit

Tonio is Jeremy Danvers best friend and accepts him even though Jeremy is considered "different." He believes that Jeremy can socialize Clayton and tries to smooth over some of the facts about Clayton to his dad (the Pack leader) during Clayton's probationary period. He hates Malcolm Danvers and continually suggests that Jeremy either kill Malcolm or completely kick him out of the house. He is very laid back with his son Nicholas and brings Nicky to meet Clayton before Jeremy thinks Clayton is ready. Tonio is always quick to laugh away accidents and is always telling Jeremy that he worries too much.

Bitten Edit

Is seen helping fight against the mutt first seen in one of Kelley's novels here. He is helping fight the uprising against the Pack.

Stolen Edit

Antonio, as well as his son, are only mentioned in Stolen when Jeremy informs Elena that he told them to remain in Europe.

Broken Edit

Antonio goes to Toronto with his son Nick to help Elena, Clay, and Jeremy close, the portal. He's excited about Elena's pregnancy though he wonders about having a new generation of wolves coming when "this generation still needs to grow up". He is the only person Jeremy told that he thought Elena might be having a multiple birth.

Frostbitten Edit

He appears later in the book, helping Clay & Elena with the final take down of the mutts. Takes in Reese Williams and Noah.

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