Aratron is a demon first seen in Haunted. He claimed to be in debt to Trsiel, after a series of Trsiel's actions accidentally benefitted Aratron. (Details of this accident were not specified.) Aratron is a well known, and powerful eudemon, who Eve Levine immediately respects after realizing who he was.

He was first seen with bright blue eyes, sandy blond hair, well built, in a short sleeved dress shirt, trousers, and a tie. After coming accross a demon in Glamis Castle who refused to identify himself, Trsiel called in on his favor from Aratron, asking him to identify the demon. (As the demon at Galmis Castle somehow tied in with the Nix and her actions.) He speaks of Balam (Eve's Father) a few times in their short conversation, mentioning that he often speaks fondly of Eve. (Although Aratron laughs and comments that Balam will not be so pleased if Eve were to become an angel.)