• Asecdfgg


    April 23, 2017 by Asecdfgg
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  • Abidoo

    Problems With The Show.

    March 24, 2014 by Abidoo

    Please do not think bad of me for creating this blog, but I think it needs to be posted. If anyone has found any problems with the plot or characters with the show or has found a conflict between the book and the series, this is where to post it. And if you find any problems, please edit. It helps. Again I say please do not think bad of me. 

    Antonio Sorrentino

    • His book character says that he has wavy dark hair. The actor (no offense to him) is bald.
    • He died to early. He is suppose to see Elena's pregnancy!!!

    Clayton Danvers

    • HAS NO SOUTHERN ACCENT!!!! And all of you people who see this knows that his whole level of hottness changes as a result.
    • He has green eyes instead of blue.

    So far that's all I got, please comment if you found more!

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  • TeamCarlisle819

    What Team Are You On?

    December 13, 2012 by TeamCarlisle819

    I'm a BIG Twilight Saga fan, and I thought this trilogy was simalar to Twilight. If you've read Twilight, you'll know Bella couldn't decide between Edward and Jacob; a love triangle. It's the same with The Darkest Powers Trilogy. Chloe can't decide between Derek or Simon. Who do you want Chloe to choose? What team are you on; Simon or Derek?

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  • DaniGirl


    October 6, 2010 by DaniGirl

    So once things are more organized around here, and after wikia has their whole new look thing over and done with, I'm going to try to expand on a lot of the articles, particularly those focusing on books and short stories. Gives me the excuse to yet again read over Kelley's wonderful stuff, lol.

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  • DaniGirl

    Waaah, LIFE!

    September 21, 2010 by DaniGirl

    Life has been chaotic, and so I didn't have time for projects I started, such as the Otherworld and Anita Blake wikias I began. However, I miss it! And I miss being up to date on my favourite stories. So here I am, determined to catch up on all I missed, update some things, and see if I can pimp out the designs of the Otherworld wikia. I would love some suggestions, if you have them.  :)

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  • Hayleyb29

    Hello as you guess im a necromancer. Im writing this some people can help me relaized we are not the last oh are kinda want to make more friends with some other super naturals

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  • Pack Alpha of Europe

    I'll probably end up making a seperate page for this, but I wanted to set out an Intro and a few rules!

    Thanks for editing the Otherworld! As the new admin of this site I wanted to lay out a few rules.

    • For official pages please don't use fan art
    • Please use fact rather than theory
    • When creating an article please make sure you spell the name of the article correctly, and using the full name of the place, person or thing (unless the full name has never been given)

    That's pretty much it! I may add more later but for now this is it. Comment if you have any questions!

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  • Werewolfgirlkirsten

     I have just finished re-reading The Summoning, and I still love the book! I have just moved on to The Awakening, and am only on the seventh chapter at the moment. I am still trying to find out some things about the book. I have done bio's on some of the characters, and done sketches on some things and people, like Chole, Simon, Derek.. I am really wondering who Chole loves.. Simon, the cute, nice one. Or Derek, the one who always thinks he's dangerous and should be locked away.. There's a better chance it's Simon, but I really think Kelley should suprize us a bit and give it a twist. If Chole went with Simon, then it would be to predictable. But if Chole actualy went for poor, misguided, Derek? I think that would be an amazing twist, one tha…

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