A Cambion is the offspring of an incubus (a male demon of lust) and a human woman. It is a stillbirth that shows no signs of life outside of being alive, meaning that the child is born without a pulse and does not require the need to breathe. This continues until the child is seven years of age, where it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate one from a normal, human child. Cambions are devilishly cunning and angelically beautiful, able to persuade even the most hardened individual to do his or her bidding. 

Creation Edit

Quick warning about this part it involves sexual intercourse.

  • A succubus (a demon of lust) has sex with a man and takes sample of his sperm.
  • Succubus gives this sperm to a incubus.
  • Incubus copulates with a human woman and impregnates her with the sperm from the man the succubus had sex with.

Because demons are incapable of creating life themselves, this process must be done to further their numbers.


Most Cambions are born without a pulse or breath. This continues until the age of seven years old. Some do not like to be touched at all and when touched will burst into tears or throw a fit. The mother of a Cambion often will not survive childbirth. Between the ages of 10 and 16 the child's demonic powers begin to manifest. 


A Cambion grows to be extremely beautiful. They are devilishly cunning because of their demonic parentage but are also capable of feeling compassion and remorse because of their human parentage. They also love sex. Because they are children of demons of lust it's just the way they are. Sometimes even called vampires because of the way they lure their victims to their death. But they don't drink blood, nor do they consume the soul of their victims. 

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