Elena and Clay track a killer in Winnipeg who is killing prostitutes. Normally, several missing prositutes meant a human "monster" was on the loose, but this time a werewolf lead had surfaced.

Clay and Elena spot the mutt speaking to a group of prostitue girls, when a car appraches and he hastily departs alone. Clay remains a wolf, while Elena changes back to human, and the two try to catch up with the mutt. The track him to a parking lot which is empty except for the car who had interrupted the mutt earlier. Initially, Elena believes the mutt waits for another "customer" to bring a prostitute here, then takes her once she exits the vehicle so he can never be traced back to the prostitute. Inside the car, a man suddenly begins to strangle a prostitute. Clay and Elena rescue her and the man flees. The mutt suddenly appears and explains that he had been trying to kill this man himself to put his "hunters instinct" to good use. Clay is not convinced, and eventually makes it obvious that the mutt does kill prostitutes, but took this opportunity to try to get on the Pack's good side. The story ends with Clay and Elena waiting for him to leave his motel room so they can eliminate him.

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