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Clayton Danvers
Full Name
Clayton Danvers
January 15th, 1962
Toronto, Stonehaven
Bear Valley, New York
Elena Michaels (Wife)
Katherine Danvers (Daughter)
Logan Danvers (Son)
Jeremy Danvers (Adopted Father)
Antonio Sorrentino (Werewolf Uncle)✝
Nicholas Sorrentino (Werewolf Cousin)
Logan Jonsen (Werewolf Cousin) ✝
Peter Myers (Werewolf Cousin) ✝
Mutt: Unknown (Sire - books) ✝ ✝
Malcolm Danvers (Sire - TV) ✝
First Appearance
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All The Books Above
Portrayed By
Greyston Holt

Clayton "Clay" Danvers is a werewolf. He was turned as a child and lived alone in the woods in Louisiana until Jeremy Danvers rescued and adopted him as a son.

He's a genius, with a high IQ (160) and a PhD in anthropology. "Clay was one of those detestable people blessed with both genius-level intelligence and drop-dead-gorgeous looks. Blue eyes, dark blond curls, and a rugged face straight out of magazine. Match that with a powerful body and you have a package that wouldn't go unnoticed in the middle of a Chippendales convention." (Stolen). He's also antisocial and instinct driven.

He has a complicated relationship with Elena Michaels, but he's constantly wearing the gold wedding ring he bought her over twelve years ago.

Husband of Elena Michaels and the father of two children by Elena, Katherine Danvers and Logan Danvers. Clayton met Elena at Toronto University, where he was a Professor, in Anthropology. Elena was studying to become a journalist. Clayton hid the fact that he was a werewolf from Elena. After dating for a few months, Clayton proposed to Elena and she accepted. When he took her back to his home to meet his adoptive father, Jeremy Danvers. Clayton bit Elena because he was afraid Jeremy was going to kill Elena which were indeed his initial intentions. In biting Elena, Clay was temporarily banished from the pack, which lasted about a year. This also caused a lot of tension between the two. However, this was eventually resolved after Clay asked Jeremy to plan a nice Christmas for Elena and she found out about the nice gesture. The two reconciled on-and-off for around a decade before Elena left for Toronto for a year. She returned to find Clay waiting, and the two have been inseperable since. In the TV series, things weren't so smooth. While in Toronto, Elena becomes engaged to Philip McAdams and upon returning, Clay behaves like an abusive ex-boyfriend complete with stalker tendencies. Things are very tense between them much of the conflict with the Mutts. Eventually, Elena's disdain transforms into attraction and eventually reconciliation.

Clayton is the bodyguard of Pack Alpha, Jeremy Danvers. He was adopted by Jeremy after being discovered in the bayou outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a young child by Jeremy's father, Malcolm. He was saved by Jeremy, before the rest of the Pack came to the bayou, as they would've killed him. Having already changed into a werewolf at age 6, he has a very strong wolf mentality. His official date of birth is January 15th, 1962, though his true date of birth is unknown. He is very close to Nick Sorrentino, as they are childhood friends. And Nick would do just about anything (within Pack Laws) for Clay.

In the written Otherworld Universe, Malcolm Danvers is not the werewolf that bit Clayton as a child. In the short story 'Savage', Clayton clearly indicates this the first time he comes in contact with Malcolm:

"As he approached from upwind, I caught a whiff of scent. It was the smell that had reminded me of the old werewolf. But this obviously wasn’t the same man."

Malcolm scents Clayton and follows him back to his den, accosting him the next morning. Clayton's sire is a mutt of unknown origin.

This was changed for the television series (Season 2 Ep 02) where Malcolm is made Clayton's sire.


His legal name is Clayton Danvers (no middle name), though his birth surname is unknown. All the Pack and friends call him Clay. His hair is golden blond, in close cropped curls, he is 6 foot, and well muscled, he has blue eyes. Has a southern accent. Paige describes Clay like this, "Like Elena, Clay was blond-haired, blue-eyed, and well built. While Elena was attractive, Clay was traffic-stopping gorgeous… and had all the charm of a pit viper." (Industrial Magic)

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Clayton danvers

Season One Sexy,Brilliant, explosive, passionate, and sometimes violent, Clayton was a feral werewolf child in the New Orleans swamps until he was found by Jeremy Danvers who raised him as a son. This season, in the hunt for Malcolm, Clay uncovers the truth of his own past and is forced to reassess his troubled relationship to the human world. Having almost lost Elena once, he’s more desperate than ever to keep her close. Despite his best efforts, his greatest fears are realized when she becomes the focus of a twisted plot that threatens to destroy their lives. they fall in love after having vibrant sex in stone haven Edit

Season Two Edit

During the second season, it is revealed Clayton was bitten by Malcolm who then slaughtered his mother after young Clayton fled. Clayton's father returned from military service to find his wife torn to pieces and his son gone. Driven by grief and loss, he took his own life.

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