Daniel Santos is the youngest son of Raymond Santos, he has two older brothers, Stephen and Andrew. He also has an uncle, Wally. He is a former member of the Pack and was part of the uprising against the Pack in Bitten. He dies in Bitten after Elena comes to him to surrender herself in exchange for Clay's freedom. However, Thomas LeBlanc, one of Daniel's cohorts, steps in and slices Daniel's throat, not wanting the killing to end, and Daniel chokes to death on his own blood. He was Clay's childhood rival. He was 38 when he died. He had shoulder length red hair, was described lean and compact, standing 5'9.

Daniel became a man-killer when he left the Pack. When Elena Michaels was first getting to know him she believed him about how Clay had mistreated him, and she thought Daniel wasn't that bad, till she found him stuffing a woman in a closet, which might not have been so bad had she still been alive.

Apparently she was until Elena knocked on Daniel's door, and he impulsively snapped the woman's neck.

Otherworld Series Edit

Savage Edit


Ascension Edit


Bitten Edit

Daniel led an attack against the pack. His goals included claiming Elena as a mate so they could produce a brand-new breed of werewolves that inherited the gene from both parents, though Elena correctly deduced his motives to be no less infantile as that of a two year-old seeing another with a shiny toy; that Daniel saw Elena as his rival's mate and, for no other reason, just had to have her.

He was killed towards the end of the novel by Thomas LeBlanc, who slit his throat with a knife.

Haunted Edit

Daniel was seen briefly in Haunted, guarding a pirate ship.

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