Demons were first mentioned in Stolen, after Elena 's discovery of supernaturals such as half-demons. All that was said was that demons sometimes take the form of human males and mate with females to create half-demons. The first Demon wasn't seen until Dime Store Magic, when Savannah unknowingly conjured one up in her attempt to summon her mother. The Demon, Paige suspected, was very powerful in the hierarchy.

"Demons exist, both in the physical and spiritual world. They are arranged into hierarchies according to their degree of power. There is probably a ruling demon, someone you really don’t want to conjure up, but I’d suspect the position changes hands, much like leadership roles in our world."

— Paige, from Dime Store Magic

"Among all the various levels, from courtier to archduke, you have your good demons and your bad demons, or to use the correct terminology, eudemons and cacodemons. When I say ‘good’ demons, or eudemons, I don’t mean they run around helping people in our world. Most demons couldn’t give a damn about us. By eudemons, I’m referring to those who don’t actively seek to screw up the human world. more accurate description would be chaotic and non-chaotic demons. ‘Chaotic’ demons or cacodemons are almost exclusively the kind who come into contact with the rest of us. A sorcerer or witch could summon a eudemon, but most of us know so little about demonology that we wouldn’t know a eudemon from a cacodemon anyway. Even if one said he was a eudemon, he’d probably be lying. A wise spellcaster abjures conjuring altogether."

— Paige, from Dime Store Magic

Known DemonsEdit

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