Edward is a Vampire, and the husband to Natasha. He and his wife spent their entire existance as immortality questers, trying to become completely immortal so they could be together forever. (As it was commonly believed that Vampires had no afterlife, since no necromancer had ever made contact with a dead vampire.) Inspired by the legend of Elizabeth Báthory, Edward and Natasha killed hundreds of humans and took baths in their blood, hoping this would help them acheive immortality. The Nast Cabal, who wanted to establish a satelite office near their residence decided the couple needed to be taken care of first. Assassins were continually sent to kill them, forcing them to flee the country. One last Assassin was sent, and suceeded in killing Natasha. According to Edward, he came back to his hotel room to find Natasha's head mounted on the bedpost.

Seeking refuge, Edward contacted all three of the other CEOs of the Cabals, simply requesting an audience. However, once they realized that Edward was a vampire, his requests were denied. It was then that Edward began seeking revenge by killing Cabal Teenagers. Dana MacArthur was amoung the victims. Edward's initial plan was the continue the murders until he was captured and executed...because he know longer wished to be immortal without his wife. However, when Natasha successfully ripped open a portal into the physical world, Edward's new aim was to reopen the portal and join Natasha.

Edward proceeded to capture Jaime Vegas, whome he forced to reveal that the blood of a close same-sex relative (Ie. parent or child) would reopen the portal if the sacrifice is made within 24 hours of the initial opening at the site where the portal was ripped open. Lucas Cortez and Paige Winterbourne had both fallen through the portal. (Lucas was shot in the heart by Edward and fell through, while paige jumped in after him). Since Paige had no children and no living parents, this left only Benicio Cortez as a suitable sacrifice. Benicio, knowing that Lucas's blood would actually work for the sacrifice (Jaime lied to Edward), put himself at risk and was captured by Edward.

However, Lucas (along with backup) arrives to save his father. A fight soon ensues between Jeremy Danvers in his wolf form against Edward...but Savannah Levine accidentally distracts him and Jeremy is bitten and knocked out by the sedatives in vampire bites. Next Lucas intervenes, and when a small amount of his blood is spilled, Edward sees the glimmer of the portal and realizes Jaime's lie: Lucas's blood will work. Jeremy soon wakes up, and he and Lucas both work to sucessfully take down Edward and tie him up. Lucas calls an extraction team, but Benicio, enraged at Edward's attempts to kill his son, uses magic to summon a lightning bolt to severe Edwards head from his body. Benicio then proceeded to curse Edwards soul so that he may not join Natasha in their afterlife.