Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed

The legend of Elizabeth Báthory is mentioned in Industrial Magic. In real life, Elizabeth Báthory was Hungarian nobility in the 1500-1600s. She is known as one of the most prolific serial killers in history. Elizabeth was believed to have tortured and killed over 600 victims with the help of four servants, although they were only convicted for 80 murders. Later accounts admitted that Elizabeth apparently bathed in the blood of virgins to try to retain her youth. It is for this that Elizabeth is nicknamed the "Blood Countess".

Elizabeth did not appear in trial, and was instead placed under house arrest. She was placed in a set of rooms, which were bricked over. Elizabeth was never released from her prison, and remained there until her death. Her body was said to have been recovered four years later.

There had also been accounts of Elizabeth biting her her victims in order to draw blood.

Industrial MagicEdit

The legend of Elizabeth Báthory is both mentioned and added to in Industrial Magic. In the supernatural world, a common legend is that Elizabeth was both a vampire, and an Immortality Quester. A legend is that in bathing in the blood of all of her victims, Elizabeth was successful in acheiving immortality, but since she was never released from her prison she remains there to this day, trapped. It was the legend of her success that was believed to have been the inspiration for some of the murders that Edward and Natasha committed together.

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