Escape is a short story written by Kelley Armstrong that tells the tale of Eve Levine's attempt at escape from the compound in Stolen. It can be read online, at Kelley's site.

The story begins with Eve using her half-demon powers to see through the walls of the compound. With that, and Savannah's description of what she saw on her way in (Eve was knocked out), Eve began to formulate a plan.


Eve's first plan was to seduce the guard while Savannah feigned sleep. Eve pretends she wants to make an arrangement with the night guard; copulation in exchange for protection. The guard, obviously attracted to Eve, readily agrees. However, the two can hardly fulfull the agreement with Savannah in the room (Eve's plan), and the guard agrees to take Eve to the guard's room.

Eve first kills that guard, and then several more before making it to the Elevator. Once on the next floor, Eve tells Savannah to wait in the elevator while she clears the path. While taking care of once guard, she hears footsteps behind her. She turns to yell at Savannah for disobeying, but instead sees a guard already pulling the trigger. Her last thoughts were "Oh shit".

Otherworld Series
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