Oprhaned at young age and began working for the Cortez Cabal in exchange for protection when Benicio Cortez was child indicating she and him are around the same age. Prior to Industrial Magic she was placed in the 'retirement home' for Cabel Workes due to an unexplained incident sometime after Benicio became CEO of the Cortez Cabal. She enjoys Lucas Cortez's visits and Lucas states his father should pay for her medical bills 'since he's the reason she in there'. She helped Paige Winterbourne and Lucas find the Cabal kids' killer in Industrial Magic.


"Faye Ashton was a tiny woman, who, if she stood, probably wouldn't have topped five feet. I doubted she weighed more than a hundred pounds. Though she was only in her late fifties, her hair was pure white and her face lined with wrinkles. Her dark eues danced with energy, giving her face the haunted look of a young spirit trapped in a body that had grown old beforie its time." -Paige Winterbourne, Industrial Magic