Infusion is the story of Jeremy's conception and birth, told from the perspective of Malcolm Danvers.

The story starts out with the pack in a bar, 5 years after the events of pearl harbour having a few drinks as Dominic announces the birth of his son, Antonio. A young Japanese waitress seems interested in Malcolm, who in uninterested merely because of her race. However, Malcolm has been trying to conceive a son for a few years now, and after smelling that the woman is in her fertile stage, and after much cajoling from his pack brothers, Malcolm decides to bed the girl.

Malcolm awakens to find the girl in a room filled with symbols painted on the wall (as well as herself), naked, with two women who appear to be doing some sort of ritual...mostly revolving around her stomach area. Malcolm decides that it's a dream and heads back to bed. When he rouses from sleep again, the room is plain white (no symbols) and the girl has quit her job and moved out.

Sure enough, after much stalking, Malcolm discovers the girl is pregnant. Although regretting that his child will be mix-raced, when the time comes Malcolm goes to witness his son's birth. It is during the birth that Malcolm witnesses a ritual done by the same three women he saw before, and figures out that they are a different race of supernaturals. To make matters worse, his child didn't even let out a single cry when he was born. (It is said that a child's strength can be predicted by his first wail.) Malcolm leaves, deciding that having a child who is part Japanese is bad enough, but part spell caster was too much.

However, Edward had already figured out that Malcolm was expecting a child and forces him to go retrieve it. (Believing that Malcolm doesn't want it simply because the mother is foreign.) Malcolm goes to the girls home to see everything is packed and ready to go. He comes accross the girl's grandmother, who reveals that she knows Malcolm is a werewolf and he was chosen to infuse two supernatural races. (Whatever their race was, apparently was in danger and they chose werewolves to unfuse their genes with in hopes it would help their race survive.) Malcolm snapped the old woman's neck.

Shortly after, the mother of his child returns home with the baby. Knowing that Malcolm has come for the child she puts up a fight, and discovers Malcolm doesn't want to take the child...he wants to murder it. Malcolm ends up fatally wounding the mother of his child, but before she dies Edward barges in. She makes him promise to take care of the child rather than Malcolm, and he agrees.

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