Jacinda is Rachelle Rodgers' biological human mother, she is mentioned in The Darkest Powers series and appears in the novella Atoning. She formerly worked for The Edison Group. Dr. Marcel Davidoff is known to have had an obsession with her. She left the group and supposedly put Rae up for adoption when she was a baby. It is unknown whether she purposefully got pregnant with a Half Demon child as part of The Edison Group's experiments, or whether she was recruited by The Edison Group after becoming pregnant with the child of Asmondai. She states in Atoning that she knew Chloe Saunders' mother and that Chloe has inherited more than her looks from her

Lauren Fellows states in The Reckoning that she heard rumors of Jacinda breaking Rae out of the Edison Group's lab after Chloe and Tori escaped the compound.

This is later confirmed in the novella Atoning where she has been on the run for 18 months with her daughter. Jacinda is contacted by a group who claim to be anti Cabal activists and becomes part of their scheme with her daughter. At the end of Atoning she and Rae have come to live in Badger Lake with other freed Edison Group subjects.

She is assumed to be human and when Chloe Saunders meets her during the events of Atoning her narration addresses her as such. Chloe describes her as looking like what her daughter Rae will in 20 years.