Joseph 'Joey' Stillwell is a Werewolf and former member of the North American Werewolf Pack who left the Pack in 1982 and became a mutt. He was born in 1957 or 1958 and is the son of Dennis Stillwell and father of Noah Albright. He was friends with Clayton Danvers until he left the Pack. He was unaware he had a son until the boy was a teen and abandons him when he runs away during the events of the novel Frostbitten. In Frostbitten Elena describes him as;

Average height. Slender, though softening at the edges as he settled into middle age. I knew Joey was only a few years older than Clay, but he really could pass for fifty. He was bespectacled and serious with frown lines that said serious was his usual expression. His brown hair was shot through with even more gray than Jeremy’s, making me wonder if he dyed it trying to look his true age.

Appearances Edit

Savage Edit

In the novella Savage he was twelve years old and in attendance at the quarterly Pack meet where Clayton Danvers is introduced to the Pack and becomes an official member. He was a target of the Santos brothers bullying and defended Nicholas Sorrentino from them as well as arguing that Jeremy Danvers had interesting ideas. When Clay fought with Stephen Santos, Joey lied and said Clay attacked because Stephen wouldn't stop making fun of Clay rather than Jeremy, to spare Jeremy's feelings. Joey was excited at the prospect of being tutored by Jeremy on what to except from his transition into a full Werewolf.

Ascension Edit

Joey appears as a member of the Pack for the last time in the novella Ascension. He is not mentioned as having attended the Pack deer hunt in 1972 as he was not old enough to have had his first Change but can be assumed to have attended the meet as his father did. He attends Dominic Sorrentino's last Pack meet where he hangs out with Nick and Clay, it's mentioned he disapproved of the way they treated Daniel Santos, believing that if they were nicer to him they could win him over.

He was also present at Dominic's wake where he began to vote for Jeremy as Alpha but was stopped by his father who asked for two days to decide. Before that time was up Joey meets with Clay to tell him that he and his father are leaving the Pack. Joey reveals that they're afraid of retaliation from Malcolm Danvers if they vote for Jeremy and that, despite believing Jeremy to be the best candidate, don't believe they would have any more of a place in Jeremy's Pack. Years after Jeremy becomes Alpha they learn Joey and his father are living in Alaska, Jeremy makes contact with Dennis but not Joey.

Frostbitten Edit