Kathy, also known as "Katiana" and "Kat". She is a supernautral that appears in the short story Kat. She is a subject of the Genesis II Project, and is the only vampire in the project.


Kathy has sleek, golden brown hair, tanned skin and tilted green eyes.


In Kat, Kathy mentions that her skills come from the training she did. She is a competiton-level gymnast, a brown belt in karate, and a second-degree black belt in aikido.

Vampire Abilities:Edit

  • Can see in the dark.
  • Can sense other living beings.
  • Can knock out people, when feeding, with her saliva.


When she was little, Kathy lived with her mother and father. She hadn't known what was missing, only that she wasn't a happy child.

Once a month, she was woken up in the middle of the night and taken to a "hospital" where Dr. Davidoff would run several tests on her. These tests would leave her weak and sore for days.

When she was in kindergarden, Kathy met Marguerite for the first time. Marguerite came over and talked to her whenever she was alone and stayed with her when she waited to be picked up.

One day, Marguerite said that she had to leave and asked Kathy to come with her. Kathy agreed. They went to live in Montreal where Kathy became Katiana and Mearguerite became her aunt. After a few years, Marguerite told her the truth about the situation.

In Kat:Edit

Kathy is woken up by Marguerite before she is informed that Vampire Hunters have found them. They then escape their current house/hideout and get onto the streets.

Kathy notices that Marguerite need to feed before they go down an alley. There, she spots a homeless man and tells Marguerite to feed. After Marguerite ate, she slipped the homeless guy $25 before they went to the nearby bus station.

While at the bus station, she saw a woman approuch her, calling out her real name. Marguerite then tells her that they will call a taxi before two men approuch them. They run until they were trapped in an alley.

After a short battle, they saw a city bus and flagged it down. She learns that the men chasing them were not Vampire Hunters, they were from the Edison Group.

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