Teachers have a rough job. Lousy pay, lots of unpaid overtime work grading papers, having to keep order alone in overcrowded classrooms full of unruly kids who would rather be anywhere than learning trigonometry. Not to mention all the abuse from crazy parents and ignorant lawmakers. In 1925, a twenty-four-year-old football coach named John Scopes was actually brought up on criminal charges in Tennessee for having taught students the scientific facts about human evolution. With all the drawbacks, it’s understandable why so many teachers leave the profession after just a few years.

But bad as our educational system undoubtedly is, things could always be worse—say, the complete and total breakdown of civilization in the wake of an infection that causes the recently dead to rise again as terrifying monsters. That’s the sort of event that really puts things in perspective, and makes you pine for the days of students not paying attention in class. In the 1998 movie Saving Private Ryan, a squad of WWII soldiers speculate endlessly about the former profession of their captain, before he finally reveals to them that he had been a simple schoolteacher.

War and upheaval can shuffle the world, thrusting us into roles we could have never imagined. In our next story we find another former teacher leading military forces under desperate circumstances, doing things she never thought she’d be capable of, and facing off against an enemy more relentless and implacable than she ever could have feared.

Otherworld Series
Novels Bitten, Stolen, Dime Store Magic, Industrial Magic, Haunted, Broken, No Humans Involved, Personal Demon, Living With The Dead, Waking the Witch, Spell Bound
Novellas & Anthologies Chaotic, Angelic, Counterfeit Magic, Forbidden, Hidden, Men of the Otherworld
Short Stories V Plates, The List, Chivalrous, Lucifer's Daughter, Last Stand, Learning Curve, Life Sentence, Twilight, Zen and the Art of Vampirism, Paranormal Romance Blues, The Ungrateful Dead, Stalked, Rebirth, Infusion, Savage, Ascension, Demonology, Birthright, Beginnings, The Case of the Half-Demon Spy, Expectations, Truth and Consequences, Territorial, Ghosts, Escape, Wedding Bell Hell, Adventurer, Bargain, Framed


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