Lauren is the aunt of Chloe Saunders. She is seen in the Darkest Powers trilogy and in The Rising. She is a doctor, and was a member of The Edison Group. She is the one who got Chloe into the Lyle House, though her niece is unaware of her aunt's participation in the experiments. She disapproves of Derek's feelings for Chloe. Chloe felt betrayed when she learned that Lauren worked for The Edison Group.

She was the sister of Chloe's mother and uncle. Lauren reveals to Chloe in a letter in The Awakening that she joined the Edison Group after her brother died to help other supernaturals with their powers. She turns against the Group in the beginning of The Awakening to help Chloe and Tori escape and is considered a traitor. 

In The Rising she is seen on the run with Kit, Simon, Derek, Tori and Chloe. Corey remarks that "the aunt" doesn't trust them and Maya argues with her later for suggesting that they are lying about the Cabal agents. Lauren Fellows is later captured by the St. Clouds/Nasts. In the end of the book she is said to be living in a cabin in Badger Lake with Chloe and Tori.