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Lucas Cortez
Full Name
Lucas Diego Cortez
March 1, 1976
Miami, FL
Benicio Cortez, Father

Maria Valdes, Mother
Delores Cortez, Stepmother
Hector Cortez, brother (deceased)
Carlos Cortez, brother
William Cortez, brother (deceased)
Savannah Levine, ward
Emilio Cortez, Nephew
Ramon Cortez, Nephew

Bella Cortez, Sister-in-law
First Appearance
Dime Store Magic
list of episodes in which character is mentioned
Portrayed By
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Husband of Paige Winterbourne and therefore guardian of Savannah Levine, Lucas Cortez is the fourth (and illegitimate) son of Benicio Cortez, the CEO of the Cortez Cabal, making him a sorcerer. He is also the named heir of the Cortez Corp., though he has rejected the title and runs Cortez-Winterbourne Investigations with his wife, Paige.



Tries to steal a grimoire from Eve Levine by breaking in to her apartment. This being his first break in, he makes several rookie mistakes and gets ambushed by Eve. A short magical battle ensues, which results in Lucas breaking his arm, after which he flees the apartment with the grimoire and some valuable lessons.

Dime Store MagicEdit

First appearance in a novel. He is Paige's lawyer in the custody case.

Industrial MagicEdit

He lives with Paige and Savannah, in Portland. He works on a murder case presented to him by his father, Benicio Cortez.

Wedding Bell HellEdit

His and Paige's wedding and the lead up to it.


Eve watches over Savannah and is grateful he and Paige are looking after her He is seen when the Nix tries to kill Savannah.

The Case of El ChupacabraEdit

Investigating a potential vampire case for Sean Nast.

Personal DemonEdit

Co-narrates with Hope Adams.

Waking the witchEdit

Is on vacation with Paige in Hawaii and left Savannah in charge of the company.

Counterfeit MagicEdit


"He was about six feet tall, thin, with a face so average I doubted anyone remembered him five minutes after meeting him. Short dark hair, clean shaven. Hispanic. Presumably dark eyes behind his wire framed glasses..."

-Paige, Dime Store Magic

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