Malcolm Danvers
Full Name
Malcolm Danvers
Alive (Books), dead (TV Show)
85 (Brazen)
Edward Danvers - Father ✝
Jeremy Danvers - Son
Clayton Danvers - Adopted Grandson
Elena Michaels - Adopted Grandson's Wife
Logan Danvers - Adopted Great - Grandson
Katherine Danvers - Adopted Great - Granddaughter
First Appearance
Men of the otherworld
Men of the Otherworld, Broken, Thirteen,
Portrayed By
James McGowan, James Williams (TV show)

Malcolm Danvers was the father of Jeremy Danvers and son of Edward Danvers. He was featured in Infusion, Savage, and Ascension. He killed Josef Marsten, Jeremy's Mother, Jeremy's Grandmother, and several other mutts and humans. He absolutely despised his son, Jeremy, for reason's that included race (both human (Japanese) and supernatural (see: Kitsunegari)) and let his son know of his distaste whenever possible. He did, however, take a liking to Clayton Danvers, when he showed early signs of fighting skill and aggression, and even personally trained him in fighting. He was last seen in Ascension, after losing the race for Pack Alpha to his son. Apparently, Malcolm went on a mutt killing spree until one finally beat him. No one could confirm this story, however, as the said mutt was killed soon-after.

Malcolm Danvers returns in book Thirteen, where he tries to tell Savannah that he is someone else. He was captured by the Nast Cabal and they have been using him for experimentation. However, Savannah sees Malcolm and vows to Malcolm that she will never tell Jeremy that he is alive. Later Elena Michaels and Clayton Danvers both find out Malcolm is still alive. Elena fights Malcolm and almost kills him, but the Cabal intervene and Clayton vows to track him down and kill him.

Bitten (TV Series) Edit


Season One Edit

... Malcolm makes his presence known much earlier in the season 1 finale than he did in the 13. He's shown to be James Williams the mysterious benefactor behind the uprising and kidnapped Rachel Sutton.

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