Men of the Otherworld
Author Kelley Armstrong
Cover artist Dominic Harman
Country Canada
Language English
Series Otherworld
Genre(s) Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
Publisher Bantam Spectra (US), Vintage (Canada), Time Warner Orbit (UK)
Publication date January 2009 (hardcover)
Media type Hardcover
Pages 368 Pages (hardcover)
ISBN ISBN 0307358399 (hardcover)

About the Book Edit

As a curious child, Clayton didn’t resist the bite—he asked for it. But surviving as a lone child werewolf was more than he could manage—until Jeremy came along and taught him how to straddle the human-werewolf worlds, gave him a home…and introduced him to the Pack. So begins this volume, featuring three of the most intriguing members of the American Pack—a hierarchical founding family where bloodlines mean everything, and each day presents a new, thrilling, and often deadly challenge. For as Clayton grows from a wild child to a clever teen who tests his beloved mentor at every turn, he must learn not only to control his animal instincts, but to navigate Pack politics—including showing his brutal arch nemesis, Malcolm, who the real Alpha is...

Stories Edit

Infusion (Malcolm Danvers) Edit

The girl was in the fertile stage of her cycle, and she obviously wanted him. An easy conquest. Plus, if Asian women were as submissive as the others said . . . Malcolm smiled. Submissive was good. Especially if it came from a girl who was in no position to complain if things got out of hand.

The tale of Jeremy's conception and birth.

Savage (Clayton Danvers) Edit

"My life started the day I was bitten. Nothing that happened before that matters. In the past, I’ve said that I don’t remember my pre-werewolf life, but the truth is I choose not to remember, not to care."

A Bitten prequel, covering Clayton's childhood.

Ascension (Clayton Danvers) Edit

"An Alpha has the right to back a successor, but the final process is more democratic. Everyone in the Pack endorses a candidate, and the one with the most power behind him wins."

Ascension is a continuation of Savage.

Kitsunegari (Jeremy Danvers) Edit

What was Jeremy's mother? Where was she from, and is it because of her that he has powers that no other werewolf has?

Jeremy was approached by a fox maiden, which is a form of a demigod. A shape-shifter who can manifest in both human and fox form. They come from Japan and their power is mainly vision casting (they can reshape reality for humans, or at least the appearance of it).

Robert tells him that according to human legend they are protective of their family, are telepathically linked to them, and able to sense danger they face. They are also supposedly able to communicate with their family through their dreams. All of which Jeremy can do. Say for the alter reality thing, and changing into a fox.

While half demons cannot pass their powers onto their children, these demi-demons can. Their blood can be passed down through each generation.

The fox maidens call themselves Kitsune. They call Jeremy the Last of the Kogitsune. The last of his mothers people.

The Kitsune chose a dying race, those who derived their magic from symbols, which they did with Jeremy's mothers people. They share their blood, make them stronger, and give them new powers. In return the Kitsune ask for their devotion. From their women they exact life of service. From the men they are their well, basically used for reproduction. Which is what they now want from Jeremy, as he is the last.

Through the Kogitsune they discovered a way to reproduce their own kind, rare among gods and demons. Impregnated by Kogitsune men allowed their race to grow and take their rightful place in the pantheon of power.

Eventually the Kogitsune betrayed them. Using the powers they were given to infuse magics with their runes to protect them from the Kitsune. The Kogitsune then decided they would stop reproducing and allow their race to die out. There were those who did not want that to happen, like Jeremy's mother and her Grandmother, and they fled to foreign lands.

So, Jeremy's mother was a Kitsune, and Jeremy is the last of the Kogitsune.

At the end of the story Jeremy tricked the three Kitsune into believing he has a biological son out in the world, and so they went to find him. Hoping to make more of their people. Knowing they'll probably be back Jaime made him an appointment to get one of his runes tattooed on him. The one she had done before kept them away from her.

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