Morgan Walsh makes his first appearance in Frostbitten. He might (after his year with the wolf pack is up) join The Pack.


The voice startled me. I'd figured he was still in wolf form. As the figure rose, I had to sniff again, making sure it was the same werewolf. If I'd been asked to picture him, I'd have guessed he'd be older, living out a mid-life crisis by exploring that other side of himself, as Dennis had been. He was younger than me, though. Late twenties. Dark reddish-brown hair to his shoulders, lean with a narrow face, high cheekbones and piercing green eyes. Native blood, I guessed. And he was dressed. To be honest, that surprised me, too. I didn't expect him naked, but maybe just wearing a fur thrown around him or clothing stolen from a nearby cabin. The clothes were clearly his, though-a leather jacket, jeans, T-shirt, Doc Marten boots..." - Elena