Mutts                                                                                     Edit

 Mutts is the term given to non-pack werewolves by the North American Werewolf Pack.

The werewolves are divided into two distinct groups: Pack werewolves and non-Pack, commonly referred to as "mutts." It's thought that while mutts are not organized in any way - and are usually loners - most actively avoid drawing the Pack's attention.

Non-Pack Werewolves; Mutts                                                                              Edit


How werewolves become werewolves                        Edit

 For some males, becoming a werewolf is a birthright; a genetic gift (or curse) passed from father to son, the first change. For everyone else, a bite is required, and that bite is usually deadly. Very few humans survive, because when most werewolves attack, they attack to kill. Then there's the ordeal of surviving the transformation itself, both physically and mentally. The Russian Pack Alpha theorized that the humans who survive have traces of werewolf blood/genes in them.

It is stated in the first novel Bitten that the gene for Lycanthorpy is gender specific (only male children carry it) and they experience their first change usually in late puberty. The above statement is misleading. Elena explains (also in Bitten) that the First Change is both physically and psychologically traumatic and that few survive (this applies to bitten werewolves), even fewer are able to learn control of their primal instincts after their first change (Pack werewolves are carefully prepared for their first change and are 'mentored'). It is because of this that 'most' attacks by werewolves are 'lethal'.

Abilities                                                                                    Edit

  • Wolf Form
  • Enhanced strength- even in human form they are atleast able to lift 1 ton. They can also leapt up to 20ft in the air. In Wolf form they are strong enough to kill a man by jumping on him, from the force alone, given a running start.
  • Innate wellness    
  • Enhanced senses      
  • Slow aging        
  • Partial changes (Very Rare) 


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