Natasha is a Vampire, and the wife to Edward Hagen. She and her husband worked their entire existance trying as immortality chasers, trying to become completely immortal so they could be together forever. (As it was commonly believed that Vampires had no afterlife, since no necromancer had ever made contact with a dead vampire.) Inspired by the legend of Elizabeth Bathory, Edward and Natasha killed hundreds of humans and took baths in their blood, hoping this would help them acheive immortality. The Nast Cabal, who wanted to establish a satelite office near their residence decided the couple needed to be taken care of first. Assassins were continually sent to kill them, forcing them to flee the country. One last Assassin was sent, and suceeded in killing Natasha. According to Edward, he came back to his hotel room to find Natasha's head mounted on the bedpost. It was Natasha's death that eventually led Edward to seek revenge against the Cabals.

However, Natasha apparently did move onto the afterlife, and actually managed to make contact with Jaime Vegas. Natasha was able to move objects in the physical world, but was not able to actually speak to Jaime. At first, this led Jaime to believe Natasha's spirit was some sort of poltergiest. After Natasha slashed Jaime's cheek open with her nails, Jaime concluded that the poltergiest was female. When Natasha punctured Jaime's neck, Cassandra DuCharme recognized the wounds as a Vampire bite.

Not only was Natasha the first vampire known to make contact with the physical world, but she was also actually able to rip a portal into the world (which Paige Witherbourne and Lucas Cortez both fell through). The last that is seen of Natasha is her being pulled back through the portal by an unseen force, while she opened her mouth in a silent scream.

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