Nate Cain was a Werewolf mutt and member of the Cain clan. He was a grandson of Theo Cain, the son of Theo's unnamed eldest and was in his thirties. He had dark hair and green eyes, like his grandfather. In Driven Davis Cain mentions he had his first Change at 20 and was 'small' for a Cain, still around Clay Danvers height though. Davis also mentions that when family members would run together, before Davis had his first Change, Nate would keep him company.

During the events of the Darkest Powers novella Belonging he reveals that his family hunt humans together, chosen because they 'deserve it' and won't be missed to avoid suspicion with the Pack. Derek Souza describes him as the only Cain to be 'nice' to him during Belonging, although considering he'd been kidnapped and Nate helped to attack him this should be considered a low bar.

He was killed as a wolf in the novella Driven, skinned and staked to the ground, he was not part of the raping, murdering and eating of the 18 year old daughter of a Necromancer but his killers would be payed for his hide also.