Necromancers are the link between the afterlife and the living world for all spirits. It is an ability they are born with, sometimes a gift, sometimes a curse, but ever-present in their lives.

Abilities & Powers Edit


  • They hear dead people - And dead people hear them. Certain herbs and relics can be (and frequently are) used to enhance or repel these phenomena, but necromancers are not spellcasters, and their power is inherant. Some incantations may be used as well, old sounding, and passed down from generation to generation, likely unique to one line of necromancer. The summoning of spirits is typically done graveside (or wherever the body rests), but a powerful necromancer may be able to call to a spirit from a distance (though exerting this show of power exhausts the necromancer for a few days, and renders them incapable of using their powers for a period no less than a week).
  • Corpse reanimation - Zombies get a bad rap, but in truth, they are not mindless, flesh-eating creatures. The bodies are reanimated by the return of the individual's spirit to the flesh.


  • Insanity - It's a hard life, never knowing if the tap on your shoulder is coming from the living or dead. As natural conduits to the living world, an unlucky necromancer could be constantly haunted by restless spirits seeking favors or simply mischief. The minds of even the luckiest and most disciplined necromancers eventually crumble.

Known Necromancers in the Otherworld Edit

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