The North American Werewolf Pack represents werewolves in North America, and are currently led by their Alpha, Jeremy Danvers. However, not all werewolves are a part of the pack. Those who are not are called mutts. The pack keeps an eye on them, and deals with them should they cause trouble and place the pack at risk.

History Edit

The Legacy Edit

The Legacy is a book kept by the Alpha of the Pack. Each Alpha records things they deem important, whether or not it is actually facts. Legends, and true stories alike are placed into the Legacy. Plus a tree of the members of the Pack (like a family tree), all the Pack members are recorded on the tree. Nick's mothers intials are placed above his name, she is the only non-Pack member on the tree, and (before Elena) the only recording of any Pack member's mother.

Dossiers Edit

The dossiers are Elena's records on all the mutts; keeping track of names, descriptions and last known locations.

Alphas Edit

The Alpha is he who leads the pack. Usually it is their strongest and best fighter, however, after the death of Dominic Sorrentino, Jeremy Danvers took over. While he was not the best nor the strongest fighter in the pack, he does have other strengths that make him a good leader, and is considered to be probably the best Alpha the Pack has ever had.

Following the events of 13, Elena Michaels was installed as the new Alpha, after beating Jeremy in a chess challenge.

Current Alpha Edit

Previous Alphas Edit

Pack Members Edit

Currently Residing with the Pack or Possible Recruits:Edit

Former Pack Members Edit

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