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A wiki for Kelley Armstrong's popular Otherworld series (formally known as the Women of the Otherworld), as well as information on Kelley's other works. Find information about the books, tv series, the characters, races, locations, and more here at Otherworld.
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Maya Delaney

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Maya is part of the Phoenix Project, an experiment done by The Edison Group , and witnessed the assumed death of her best friend, Serena. She narrates The Gathering. Maya is a sixteen-year old girl who lives in Salmon Creek. Maya moved to Salmon Creek from Oregon, when she was five. She is the main protagonist. Maya is a Native American. She has very little knowledge of her origins because she was adopted when she was young and doesn't want find her biological mom because she thinks her mom lost her chance to be her mom years ago. She has a birthmark of a paw on her hip which. Her father is the warden of Salmon Creek Park. Maya loves animals and when her dad finds injured animals in the park, Maya nurses them back to health. She attends Salmon Creek High with her friend Daniel and her only pet is her German Shepard, Kenjii who was given to Maya to protect her from and wild predators. Wildlife especially the cougars seam to be attracted to Maya. She discovers she's skinwalker through Rafe.

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