Personal Demon
Author Kelley Armstrong
Cover artist Dominic Harman
Country Canada
Language English
Series Otherworld
Genre(s) Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
Publisher Bantam Spectra (US), Seal Books (Canada), Time Warner Orbit (UK)
Publication date March 2008
Media type Print (Paperback), Hardcover, and (e-book)
Pages 480pp
ISBN ISBN 978-1-84149-695-5 (hardcover)
Followed by Living with the Dead

Half-demon tabloid reporter Hope Adams has a secret. Like full demons, she loves chaos. She thrives on it. She needs it.

Plot: Edit

Half-demon Hope Adams has inherited not only a gift for seeing the past but a hunger for chaos—-along with a talent for finding it wherever she can. Naturally, when she's chosen by a very dangerous group for a very dangerous mission, she jumps at the chance. As it turns out, Hope is a little too good at this job, and she soon finds it necessary to unleash her most potent primal instincts—-and open herself, mind and body, to everything she most fears...and desires.

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Personal Demon book trailer

Synopsis: Edit

Half-demon tabloid reporter Hope Adams has a secret. Like full demons, she loves chaos. She thrives on it. She needs it.

Most of the time, Hope feeds the hunger by helping the interracial council. But it’s never enough. So when Benicio Cortez offers her a job infiltrating a gang of young supernaturals, she thinks she’s found the perfect solution. Instead, she finds a tinderbox of greed, desire and ambition. And when it ignites, a world is going to explode.

Characters: Edit

Major Characters Edit

  • Hope Adams - Expiso half-demon - Works for interracial council and as a tabloid reporter.
  • Lucas Cortez - Sorcerer - future heir of Cortez cabal. Lives in Portland and runs an agency helping supernaturals with wife Paige Winterbourne and adopted daughter Savannah Levine.
  • Karl Marsten - Hereditary werewolf. Extremely wealthy professional thief and has recently joined the Pack.
  • Paige Winterbourne - Witch and member of the interracial council. Ex leader of the American Coven, currently works with husband Lucas and adopted daughter Savannah at their agency to help supernaturals.
  • Benicio Cortez - Sorcerer and CEO of Cortez cabal. Father of Hector, William, Carlos and Lucas

Minor Characters Edit

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