Rachelle Rodgers
Full Name
Rachelle Rodgers
Asmondai (Father)
Jacinda (Mother)
Adam Vasic (Half-Brother)
First Appearance
Portrayed By
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Rachelle 'Rae' Rodgers,  is a character from the Darkest Powers series as well as the novella Atoning . She is one of the subjects of The Edison Group's "Genesis Project II". Her mother is Jacinda, and her father is the Lord demon Asmondai, making her an Exustio Half Demon . She lived with a foster family and foster siblings, until she was taken to Lyle House.

She betrayed the group, and told The Edison Group they were going to try and run away, thinking it was in their best interest after being tricked by Dr. Davidoff. In The Reckoning, Dr. Davidoff says she was 'transferred' but Lauren Fellows believed she had been broken out by her mother Jacinda. She is described as having hair in long copper curls and copper colored skin. Her mother is described as looking like a twenty years older version of her.

She appears again during the novella Atoning where she has been on the run with her mother for 18 months. She is tricked by the antagonist group in that novella in much the same way she was by Dr. Davidoff.

She attempts to lure Chloe Saunders away so that her and her friends can be 'rescued' but is captured and informed of the truth of the situation.

After learning that she has again gullibly fallen for a plot that would have led her to betray her 'friends' again she works with them. She frees her mother and at the end of the novella they both agree to live in Badger Lake with the other Genesis and Project Phoenix teens. Annie Martinez helps her to adjust to her new living situation when Chloe finds herself unable to.

In Antoning she states that she can give second degree burns. It is possible that the genetic manipulation by The Edison Group has slowed or reduced her power. It is stated in The Summoning that a fire Half Demons powers should be more powerful at fifteen than Rae's who'd only been showing signs of powers for a few months off and on. It is unknown whether she will eventually be able to manifest the full powers of an Exustio Half Demon and be able to cause third degree burns and incinerate objects.