Rafael Martinez
Full Name
Rafael Martinez
Mrs. Martinez (Mother) ✝
Annie Martinez (Sister)
First Appearance
Portrayed By
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Rafael "Rafe" Martinez is part of the Phoenix Project, one of the projects of the Edison Group. He is seen in The Gathering. He became Maya Delaney's boyfriend, but she discovers he only dated her to see if she was a skin-walker and takes care of his older sister, Annie.

Rafe is a skin-walker and is nearing his first Shift. His older sister, Annie, is already Shifting.


"Rafael—Rafe—Martinez. Salmon Creek's newest student. Actually, our only new student in three years. Rich parents in surrounding towns tried to get their kids into our school, but they were always turned down. Rafe wasn't a rich kid. He lived with his older sister in a nearby cabin they'd inherited from a distant relative. I guess the board figured it was the right thing to do, letting him attend our school free of charge rather than spend hours on a bus every day.

Rafe told everyone he was from Texas. That was bull. I’d dated a summer guy from Texas and Rafe's drawl was all wrong. His last name suggested he was Hispanic, and he kind of looked it, but his high cheekbones and amber eyes said "Native" to me. He was about Daniel's height, lean, with black hair that hung just past the collar of his leather jacket. Worn blue jeans and low motorcycle boots completed the image. American Teen Rebel.

It was a look we didn't see a lot at our school, and the other girls loved it. Not that Rafe needed the added cachet. Considering we'd had the same guys on our class since kindergarten, Rafe's novelty factor alone would have had girls tripping over themselves. He was the hottest ticket in town. And he knew it." Maya Delaney, The Gathering

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