Ramon is a man-eating werewolf mutt. He is a friend of Liam Malloy's, as well as his partner. He had his arm broken in The Reckoning, and after Liam's death said he was going to turn himself into The Pack, but instead went into hiding. The Pack is not actively looking for him since his activity has died down, but they won't hesitate to punish him for the murders if they come across him. It can be assumed he has black hair as is fur is black in his wolf form. He is a relative of the Santos family who used to be Pack but Ramon's branch of the family never were.



Elena Michaels mentions how Liam and Ramon take in all mutts, and frames them for man-eating. They had killed the last mutt they had with them, Yuli Exteberria, and sent his hand to The Pack. Elena warns Reese Williams that Liam and Ramon will do the same to him.

The AwakeningEdit

He is with Liam when they first encounter Derek Souza and Chloe Saunders. Liam explains that Ramon had a run in with The Pack not terribly long ago as his had healing scar tissue on his side where he is missing a large chuck of flesh. When they attack, Derek throws him against a fireman's pole that's a part of playground equipment and is knocked out.

The ReckoningEdit

They catch up with Chloe and Derek again, right after Derek completes his first Change. Derek and him fight in their wolf forms, and with the help of Chloe, loses to Derek due to his previously mentioned injury. Derek pushes him down a fifteen-foot cliff where he falls and breaks his front leg. It is revealed that they were hired by Russell to kill Derek and Chloe, but Ramon said he didn't know much about it, and that Liam made all the plans. Ramon limps away with Liam's corpse on his shoulders, saying he is going to turn himself into the Pack which he never does.

Driven Edit

Ramon is only mentioned, but it is revealed that he is the reason for the bounties that were placed on werewolves due to Mrs. Marsh leaving her husband for him. Ramon later dumped her and has not been heard about since.