Reese Williams is a werewolf immigrant, who was conned by Liam Malloy and Ramon. Elena helps him, and he is currently living with the Sorrentino's. Reese's mother was an American that had come to study in Australia. When she and her boyfriend were driving back from an out of town party, they got into an argument and he threw her out. When some man-eating mutts came upon her, they raped her. They planned to Change and hunt her down, then eat her, but she managed to escape by grabbing their keys and driving into town. The Australian pack sent a member to kill the mutts and to kill Reese's mother. However, he ended up falling in love with her and they ran away together. This was a challenge to the current alpha, who was the only one allowed to have a mate, according to pack law. Nine months later Reese was born, biologically the son of one of the man-eating mutts. They homeschooled him and took him into the city, a two hour round trip, a few times a week for socializing through sports. The Wilsons, formally the Robinsons, changed their names in order to hide and lived in the outback, raised sheep and owned a large farm with lots of running space.

When Reese is old enough to go to university, he finds a girl, named Daniella, in distress and promptly rescues her. She eventually confesses she is the daughter of the Australian Pack's alpha, and had been sent to find Reese and his family, so the pack can kill them. However, she does not fulfill her duties. They fall in love, and Reese brings her home, to have his family's protection. But she is kidnapped on the way; when Reese arrives home, he finds his parents are dead and the pack waiting there to kill him. Realizing Daniella has betrayed him, he manages to escape and immigrates to America, vowing to return one day for revenge.


"Reese Williams, twenty years old, and recently immigrated from Australia. With broad shoulders, sun-streaked wavy blond hair and the remnants of a tan, he looked like the kind of kid who should be leading tour groups in to the Outback, all smiley and corny jokes. Only he wasn't joking or smiling now." - Elena Michaels