Sileni are a resurrected supernatural type that was brought back by Project Phoenix. There is currently only one known sileni. 


Sileni are the descendants and followers of the Minor Greek god Silenus. They have the ability to see visions of the future and present. Charm is another part of their powers. Side affects of the sileni includes powerful headaches, leading to sickness and vomitting.

  • Alcohol Immunity
  • Visions of Present & Future
  • Seduction Intuition

Known SileniEdit

Corey Carling is the only known successful sileni subject. It is unknown whether or not the Project Phoenix scientists attempted to resurrect another sileni. 

  • Corey Carling
  • Travis Carling (sileni genes)
  • Cheif Carling (sileni genes)
  • Mr. Carling (sileni genes)

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