Simon Bae
Full Name
Simon Bae
Simon Kim
Christopher Bae (Father)
Victoria Enright (Half-Sister)
Derek Souza (Adoptive Brother)
First Appearance
Portrayed By
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Simon is fifteen years old and in the tenth grade. He likes basketball, soccer, track, comic books, and art. Simon is the adoptive brother to Derek Souza and half-brother to Tori Enright. Neither Simon nor Tori know they are related until the short story "Facing Facts" which deals with Kit telling them and the fallout. His father is Christopher "Kit" Bae , and we don't know anything about his mom, besides the fact that she is Swedish. Simon is biracial.

Simon's dad always said one day his big mouth would get him in trouble. He was right, as one day as Simon was playing basketball after school was out, three seniors walked up to him and asked if he was Vietnamese, because one of their moms was recently fired by her boss, who was Asian. Simon "was being a smart ass," and one of the seniors pulled a pocket knife on him. Simon was going to do a knock-back spell, but then Derek came, threw the guy into a wall, and paralyzed him. Derek punched the second one and the third one ran. It got mentioned in the paper, and caused their dad to want to move, because he sensed the Edison Group would be on their trail. Simon had a basketball game the next day, and Kit did not want Simon to miss it, so he said that they would leave after the game was over. Kit was then taken by theNast Cabals, upon returning home, Simon and Derek found him missing.

Derek had been unable to find scents of anyone other than Kit. A day later, the Edison Group came pretending to be child services. Derek and Simon were sent to Lyle House, but Simon was the only one without a reason to be there (no psychological diagnosis). After breaking out, they ran to their dad's friend, Andrew, who later betrayed them. Now, reunited with their father, they are trying to find the other subjects of the Edison Group.

Simon had a crush on Chloe Saunders while on the run and in Lyle House, but after his date (and kiss) with her he realized she was not interested in him. He knew she loved Derek and was okay with them dating, and even drew Derek a picture of Chloe hugging a large black wolf as a present.

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