Steven Saunders is a human and Chloe Saunders' father, as well brother-in-law to Lauren Fellows. They don't have a good relation as she feels bitter towards him as her sister died in a hit and run accident while he survived, as well as believing that his frequent business trips leave Chloe neglected and that he should have given her custody. He is clueless about the supernatural world and was always moving Chloe around due to his business as well as leaving her with housekeepers during frequent international business trips.

He appears briefly during the events of The Summoning as well as the short story Divided where he discovers Chloe has gone missing from Lyle House and offers a half million dollar reward for her safe return which she finds out about in The Awakening.

He is mentioned in the novella Atoning by Chloe, as having been living with her for a few months at Badger Lake. Chloe says that he took a backseat at his company so he could remain with her at least until she went to college.