Apparently, they don’t have anyone with marketing experience on their board of directors or they’d have gone for Supernatural Liberation Army Movement. Then they’d have a cool acronym. Oh, hell, I say we just do them a favor and fix their name. SLAM it is. And that’s what we’ll do to them.
Savannah [src]

Believed to be nothing more than a small group of young activists who wish to reveal supernaturals to the world, Savannah later discovers, after being kidnapped in Spell Bound that the real number of the group is closer to approximately two-hundred.

Believers in the Phalegian Prophecy, they believed that the signs were showing them that their day of revelation was coming. Signs that their dominance was approaching.

They wish to collect, or gather, the signs. Believing that should they do so, more would come and join their plans. The 'signs' include werewolf twins Katherine Danvers and Logan Danvers, two witches born of a Witch and Sorcerer (one of whom is Savannah and the other unknown), a child born of two Clairvoyants, Hope Adams who is pregnant and the daughter of Lucifer, and Jasper "Jaz" Haig who is an unknown shape-shifting race.

Roni also revealed that they were experimenting with a sort of gene-therapy. Using blood transfusions to give supernaturals the powers of other types of races. Leaving her to believe that she was going to become a Witch.

With the presence of Althea, and the fact that [[ |Giles]] appeared to be human yet was long lived, more so than any human, and not aging, it appeared that there may also be some immortality questing going on as well.


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