The New Guy is a Darkness Rising short story. The events of the story happen prior to The Gathering, it is narrated by Maya Delaney. It can be found for free on the Darkest Powers website as well as included in The Complete Darkest Powers Tales. It details Maya and Rafe Martinez meeting on the first day of school as well as the first day of school two years prior.

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Maya reminscies on Serena and how perky she was on the first day of school, it's been a year since Serena's death. Maya isn't fond of the first day of school or of school in general. The first day was the only day that Serena was on time or early. Maya has been dropped off at school by Daniel Bianchi.

Maya remembers the first day of school last year where Serena was excited, treating it like an adventure. Serena mentions that the guys are getting hotter and when Daniel turns up she says he gets cuter every time she sees him. Maya encourages Serena to ask Daniel out but they're friends and Serena doesn't want to make things awkward.

Back in the present Daniel asks Maya if she wants to skip school. Maya jokes that Daniel must have been replaced by an alien. Daniel is aware that this is the first day of school that Maya has spent without Serena as the previous year she took the first day off. Maya decides to face it and get it over with.

Maya meets Nicole Tillson at her locker who tells her that there's a new guy at school, in their year. Maya isn't excited or interested like Nicole is and only hopes he's easier to get along with than Sam Russo. Nicole suggests he could be new dating material but Maya has a rule against dating town boys. Nicole wants to check him out but appears too shy to suggest it herself. The new guy is in the principals office, having gained a crowd of girls including Hayley Morris.

Maya makes her way into the office and is drawn in by the new guys intense expression. Once the guy fakes a smile Maya's interest wanes and when the guy dismisses Nicole to check her out instead she's unimpressed. She doesn't find his hungry gaze flattering and it pisses her off. He introduces himself as Rafe Martinez and continues to flirt, Maya remains stone faced and ushers Nicole out who tells Maya she thinks Rafe likes her but she thinks he's a player.

The story ends with Maya admitting that he's cute, Nicole suggests he might grow on her. When she sees him again and his more somber face quickly becomes a player face she tells Nicole, with some disappointment that she doesn't think he'll grow on her.

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