Is an evil nix, who Eve Levine had to chase down in Haunted. Initially, her powers are only to instill the power of will in humans, usually those who wish to use the new found will to do evil. (Most commonly, murder.) The Nix then gets to enjoy the chaos she had helped to cause. However, the nix grew tired of trying to get humans to do evil, only to have them back out. Finally she convinced a woman from France, 1666, to allow the Nix to posses her body with a spell she had recently discovered. Marie-Madeline, a Marquise who wished to poison her father for banning her from being with the lover of her choice, allowed the Nix to do this. However, after the Nix had murdered Marie-Madeline's father, she stayed in her body for 5 years. First, she killed Marie's lover, then made it so that the police would pin both murders on Marie, before reciting the incantation to leave the human body. However, the spell did not work, and Marie was apprehended and executed. As a necromancer looked on to the execution, she would see an angel use a sword to capture the Nix, much to it's displeasure, and take it away. (Presumeably to the "prison" it was kept for so long.)

The Nix knowing Eve still looked after her daughter tried to kill Savannah Levine.