The life of a half breed is cruel and it may exciting and adventerous. But there is more then meets the eye to even the very species. For its own knowledge and power has been lost from its true potential. The power to destroy, or save all of a simple choice, who pisses you off more god..or lucifer much do you even give a shit to be anywhere near one anthers side. A HALF BREED IS A ROGUE REBELLION. We are the species heaven and hell seen as a prophecy to end the war once and for all...but at a risk of both of their existences. It begins a mere fairy tale, forbidden love of an angel..and a demon..once the ties has een cross of their genetics..a more humane monstrosity becomes a mere, abomination, to those it chooses to be. It is a beast that watches you for quite some time. longer than any demon, stronger than any angel. faster than any devil..smarter than almost all ranks besides the highest ones, which i pray to presume is obvious..they are an evolutionary nightmare, not a immortal god..alothough their power depending can be compared to that of a demi god only not immortal, just almost impossible to slay, but alas that is only but one. Imagine how many souls it would truly task to just defeat one let alone an army..there are hand fulls of all kinds of half breeds scattered across the world as if they were grass seed onto ones unfertizeded lawn waiting to grow under the sunlight..Fellow half breeds, of all young and old..we are but a divdedd family..and i may ask of you not pick a side find your own kind. and together we will one day stand against them all...and end this nightmare, once and for all. not by own hand but by the generation of our children..we must start while they shall end..should we ever find paradise in these times of bloodshed. But just remember, our kind was not onlt meant to destroy, but protect.

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