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Thomas Nast was the CEO of the Nast Corporation. As head of the Nast Cabal he runs the biggest Cabal organization. He has the usual characterstic blue eyes and blond hair of the Nast family. He is known to have several sons, one of which is the late Kristof Nast and another is Josef Nast. He has several grandchildren, including Sean Nast, Bryce Nast, Savannah Levine, Austin Nast and the late Joey Nast. He is shown to constantly be competing with Benicio Cortez. He is very prejudice against witches, even not acknowledging his favorite son's, Kristof, daughter Savannnah, as his grandchild.

He disapproved of Kristof's romance with Eve Levine and intercepted a lunch date invitation that was for Kris and threatened Eve to leave his son alone when she was planning to tell Kris she was pregnant or he would make Kristof choose between his sons and Eve.

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