• Abidoo

    Problems With The Show.

    March 24, 2014 by Abidoo

    Please do not think bad of me for creating this blog, but I think it needs to be posted. If anyone has found any problems with the plot or characters with the show or has found a conflict between the book and the series, this is where to post it. And if you find any problems, please edit. It helps. Again I say please do not think bad of me. 

    Antonio Sorrentino

    • His book character says that he has wavy dark hair. The actor (no offense to him) is bald.
    • He died to early. He is suppose to see Elena's pregnancy!!!

    Clayton Danvers

    • HAS NO SOUTHERN ACCENT!!!! And all of you people who see this knows that his whole level of hottness changes as a result.
    • He has green eyes instead of blue.

    So far that's all I got, please comment if you found more!

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