• Werewolfgirlkirsten

     I have just finished re-reading The Summoning, and I still love the book! I have just moved on to The Awakening, and am only on the seventh chapter at the moment. I am still trying to find out some things about the book. I have done bio's on some of the characters, and done sketches on some things and people, like Chole, Simon, Derek.. I am really wondering who Chole loves.. Simon, the cute, nice one. Or Derek, the one who always thinks he's dangerous and should be locked away.. There's a better chance it's Simon, but I really think Kelley should suprize us a bit and give it a twist. If Chole went with Simon, then it would be to predictable. But if Chole actualy went for poor, misguided, Derek? I think that would be an amazing twist, one tha…

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