Roni is a Witch Hunter who is believed to have killed her cousin, Amy Tucker. After Amy's death Roni dropped out of school and assumed her dead cousins identity. She then moved to Columbus where she is suspected to have killed a local, who was a witch. She is also believed to have been the one to make numerous attempts on the life of Savannah Levine.

Waking The Witch Edit

In Waking the Witch Roni is going by the name of Amy and is staying at the ranch, where they bake and sell cookies. Savannah believes her to be one of the 'mythical' Witch Hunters Adam mentions, and suspects she is responsable for the death of another witch named Tiffany Radu.

Spell Bound Edit

In Spell Bound it is believed by both Savannah Levine and Adam Vasic that Roni is the one who is stalking and trying to kill Savannah. After visiting with Roni's Aunt they return to their hotel to find a letter, from Roni herself. In it she claims it is not her trying to kill Savannah and asks for her to meet her at a local cafe.

According to Roni what her Aunt told them was a lie. Her family secretly continues to follow the old ways, which is why her cousin had been killed. Her Aunt Annette had wanted them to stop, but her other Aunt, Rachel, had not been happy about it. She also claims that while she had indeed been sent to Columbus to kill Tiffany Radu, it was not her that had done so.

Savannah does not believe her.

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