Victoria Enright
Full Name
Victoria Enright
Tori Bae
Christopher Bae (Father)
Diane Enright (Mother) ✝
Simon Bae (Half-Brother)
Lara Enright (Half-Sister)
First Appearance
Portrayed By
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Tori Enright is the daughter of Diane Enright, and Kit Bae, though Tori doesn't know Kit is her father until "Facing Facts", and even had a crush on her half-brother, Simon, until she was forced to spend a day with him alone while the run since Derek and Chloe had got separate from them. She is a witch/sorcerer hybrid due to her mom's ambition to have a powerful daughter which backfire since Tori can't control her powers yet as she had unmentioned incident which sent her to the Lyle House which her mom was highly embarrassed about blaming it on Tori, and a part of the Genesis II project.

Effects of the ProjectEdit

  • Powers can be set off by emotions
  • Doesn't have to use incantations to cast spells
  • Stronger powers (though this might be an effect of having a sorcerer as a dad)

Personality and InterestsEdit

Rae describes her and Simon as "drama queens". She really tries to live up to her mom's expectations at first, before she discovers her mom is lying to her. She is very hurt by her father's (turns out to be her step-father) betrayal. In the last two books she starts to really warm up to Chloe, though she still doesn't get along with Simon and Derek as much, especially Derek. She is kind of catty. When Chloe says she is the "cheerleader type", Tori gets angry and argues that that is her sister. She is very adept with computers and wants to get into a tech school in California. She really likes fashion and shopping. In The Rising Corey claims that she is an even bigger diva than Hayley. The two girls later bond and become close friends in Badger Lake.


She has short, black hair with dark brown eyes. Has a slender body type and is about 5'6"

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