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In Miller’s bar, the only thing that smelled worse than the bathroom was the clientele. Of the three humans there that night, two were already so pissed I could walk over, sink my teeth into their necks, and they’d never flinch. Tempting, but Rudy likes me sticking to beer.

Cultural assimilation is a lofty goal, but every minority needs a place to kick back with her own kind, a place to trade news and gossip that wouldn’t interest anyone outside the group. For supernaturals in Toronto, that place is Miller’s.

The clientele wasn’t exclusively supernatural. That kind of thing is hard to enforce without calling attention to yourself, which none of us wants to do. But the ambiance itself is usually enough to discourage outsiders.

Tonight the only sober human was a guy in a suit sitting at the bar, drinking in his surroundings and telling himself that, despite his house in the suburbs and corporate parking spot, he was still a badass. And as long as he was misbehaving, that Japanese girl in the short skirt and knee-high boots looked like just the thing to cap off his evening. I’d already rejected the two drinks he’d sent, but he wasn’t getting the message, not even when I openly eyed the blond half-demon girl at the other end of the bar.

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Otherworld Series
Novels Bitten, Stolen, Dime Store Magic, Industrial Magic, Haunted, Broken, No Humans Involved, Personal Demon, Living With The Dead, Waking the Witch, Spell Bound
Novellas & Anthologies Chaotic, Angelic, Counterfeit Magic, Forbidden, Hidden, Men of the Otherworld
Short Stories V Plates, The List, Chivalrous, Lucifer's Daughter, Last Stand, Learning Curve, Life Sentence, Twilight, Zen and the Art of Vampirism, Paranormal Romance Blues, The Ungrateful Dead, Stalked, Rebirth, Infusion, Savage, Ascension, Demonology, Birthright, Beginnings, The Case of the Half-Demon Spy, Expectations, Truth and Consequences, Territorial, Ghosts, Escape, Wedding Bell Hell, Adventurer, Bargain, Framed

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